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vedo is a fast and lightweight python module for scientific analysis and visualization of 3d objects.

Not limited to 3d, vedo can also generate high quality renderings in 2d (scatter plots, histograms etc).

Check out the project web page.


Inspired by the vpython manifesto “3D programming for ordinary mortals”, vedo makes it easy to work wth three-dimensional objects, create displays and animations in just a few lines of code, even for those with less programming experience.

vedo is based on VTK and numpy, with no other dependencies.

Download and Install:

pip install vedo

Check out the Git repository here:

Windows-10 users can manually place this file vedo.bat on the desktop to drag&drop files to visualize. (Need to edit the path of their local python installation).


Run any of the available scripts from with:

vedo --list
vedo -r covid19

More than 300 examples are sorted by subject in directories:


Mesh format conversion

The command vedo-convert can be used to convert multiple files from a format to a different one:

Usage: vedo-convert [-h] [-to] [files [files ...]]
allowed targets formats: [vtk, vtp, vtu, vts, ply, stl, byu, xml]

Example: > vedo-convert myfile.vtk -to ply